Why should you market yourself?

Because if you don't, your competitors will! Waiting for pilots to walk through your door, to find you and your school, airplane, or FBO by chance just doesn't cut it any longer. Whether you're flying for an established flight school or instructing as a new or freelance CFI, you need to market yourself to be successful.

Why targeted postcard marketing?

We provide aviation themed postcard marketing services that are an easy and cost-effective way for you to increase your visibility in the flying community. Our postcard campaigns are:

  • Targeted: send only to pilots, aircraft owners, specific zip codes etc
  • Affordable: as low as 50 cents per piece, without any other charges
  • Easy: from design to printing to mailing, we handle everything
  • Fast: from your payment to their mailbox, in as few as five days
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    A few ideas:

    Hangar for rent? Consider offering a free month's rent or a month-to-month contract. Send cards to just aircraft owners in your city, county, or state.

    Consider offering a 'get back in the air' special. Since 80% of all students quit primary flight training before earning a certificate, reach out to these already-interested student pilots and help them finish their training!

    CFII / Instrument instructors- want to reach just private pilot certificate holders with an instrument rating? Consider offering instrument proficiency checks at a reduced rate.

    Looking for a partner or new club member? Advertising your club or airplane partnership in the national websites or magazines is great, but we can help you reach real, local prospects.

    Putting aircraft and instructors where they belong: in the air and in the right seat.
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